Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Jesha Miller 133 Washington Ave. Apt. A Evansville IN. 47713 812 480 9338 BREAKING NEWS PRESIDENT OBAMA, SENATORS DAN COATS & JOE DONNELLY CONTINUE COVER-UP OF U.S. SUPREME COURT CORRUPTION President Barack Obama has been sent notification of the publication of government corruption by certified mail # 7013 2630 0000 3280 5774 which was published in the local Black Newspaper of Evansville IN. called “ Our Times Newspaper “. Still President Barack Obama has failed to inform the public nationally & uphold the integrity of the Constitution which he has sworn to do twice by acknowledging the checks & balances petitioned by Jesha Miller. Senators Dan Coats & Joe Donnelly & Representative Larry Bucshon who were all referenced by Indiana Senator Vaneta Becker & Secretary of the Indiana Senate- Jennifer Mertz to address this because of the Federal CRIME committed by Judge David Kiely have all failed to take this to the Floor of the House of Representatives or the Senate. All have been given a date to say whether they will or will not do this have failed to respond which was last week. This not only continues the corruption but oppression because all were petitioned to forward 7 million to stop any further economic oppression so that Jesha Miller may get medical treatment which could cause death. Having stolen the money Jesha Miller would otherwise have were it not for corruption which always involves money & power not even the Federal Reserve Chairperson Janet Yellen would forward the money to stop economic oppression which also was sent certified mail # 7013 2630 0000 3280 5767. To assure concealment the most trusted name in news, CNN also fail to expose government corruption whom also were sent the Article by Certified mail # 7013 3020 0001 4105 1129. So much for trusting the media. Being a part of corruption by evasion the afore-mentioned politicians have violated the Code of Ethics to uphold the Constitution, expose corruption wherever found, and are aiding and abetting criminals from justice, besides being a part of government corruption to stop the performance of the Constitutions checks & balances intended to protect the rights of “we the people”, prevent corruption & abuse of power, & to hold officials accountable. As citizens we must stand together & start a movement spreading the word of government through FACE BOOK, TWITTER, & bombarding the media with demands to make this public so that the integrity of the Constitution is upheld by checking each Branch of government for corruption as petitioned by Jesha Miller & intended by the Framers of the Constitution to protect the right to freedom, prevent abuse of power, & protect the rights of the accused. Read the article published in Our Times Newspaper below. This is National News without doubt when the U.S. Supreme Court is corrupt, the entire Judicial Branch is corrupt & must be checked for corruption in order to uphold the integrity. Respectfully Petitioned- Jesha Miller Date: July 15, 2014

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